Building a Successful Business – How to Move Past the Fear of Success

According to statistics twice as many readers was interested in my article titled “How to learn to recognize your procrastination Patterns” as any other article that I have written. Now working as a coach this did not come as a surprise to me rather it reinforced my belief that “procrastination” is something that holds many people back from achieving their dreams/visions.

If this rings true with you I want to explore with you what the reasons for this could be and how to move on from there.

First let’s take a look at some of the very common reasons we give ourselves for not taking action on goals or dreams that our hearts and minds desire:

o There is not time enough
o There is not money enough
o “I am not ready for this”
o “I am too old for this”
o “I am not smart enough”

Hopefully you do not feel that all of these reasons rings true with you. However, if you recognize even one of these reasons I will challenge you to take a good honest look at this particular reason and examine whether it holds true or not.

Let’s take the first one as an example. “There is not time enough”. Well, while it is certainly true that time often flies by a whole lot faster than we would like it to it is equally true that what it all comes down to is a matter of keeping your priorities right.

These are a couple of questions I suggest you ask yourself:

1. What are my priorities?

2. Does each priority serve me in moving forward towards fulfilling my dream/vision?

3. What am I willing to say goodbye to because it no longer serves this purpose?

4. What is no one priority in helping me to move forward towards my dream/vision?

5. What is one action that I will commit to do as a result of this priority?

Taking an honest look at your procrastination patterns you may also find that what really is holding you back is not time or money, not being ready, your age or not feeling smart enough.

No what really is holding you back could very well be your fear of success!

This sounds strange I know you should think that the “fear of failure” most often would be the reason. However, when you carefully examine the underlying fear behind your procrastination patterns (in what ever form it comes) you could very well find that it is the “fear of success” that is the real issue.

I know this to be a fact with quite a few of my clients, however, fortunately in recognizing this issue they have also learned how to move beyond this fear. The way to do this is to look this specific fear in the eyes and to acknowledge it. From then you can start to explore your relationship to success and set your goals of how you would like it to be.

Then you feel the fear and do it anyways.